Photo by: michi tsunoda

Photo by: michi tsunoda

Tatiana Oliveira Simonian

Marketing and Business Development Executive

Tatiana Oliveira Simonian is a veteran marketing and business development executive with a deep footprint in the digital space.

Most recently, Simonian was recruited to build the branded music vertical at Nielsen Entertainment. In this role, Simonian was charged with helping CPG brands and their agencies utilize data to money ball their sponsorship strategy as well as bring a new face to the Nielsen brand. In a space with heavy spending and low avenues for quantifying ROI, Simonian and team drove successful creation and adoption of new Nielsen tools for major CPG brands, creative agencies and artists.

Growing a digital platform in the entertainment industry is a challenge and one only known by a handful of people in the entertainment and tech space. Simonian was one of the first in an entertainment role in the social platform space. When she joined Twitter in 2011 to lead music initiatives, there were no best practices in place and no rulebook on how to scale user growth in entertainment effectively. There were no large budgets, no calls from stars coming in on the regular and no idea if it would even work. With a lot of vision and a ton of elbow grease, long nights and creative thinking, Simonian turned Twitter into THE first class destination for the music industry.

After two years in her position, 100% of the Billboard Top 100 was authentically using Twitter. Global marketing executives would utilize her skills to build campaigns for award shows, touring strategy, international festivals and more. Every artist that released an album would do a Twitter Q&A in tandem with release date and/or drop by Twitter HQ for a promo run. Every major sponsored entertainment activation had a solid Twitter strategy in place –– because Twitter had become an integral signal to their marketing success.

Prior to Twitter, Simonian laid the foundation for her tech and entertainment career in digital marketing roles with Disney Music Group, Hot Topic LLC and the Smashing Pumpkins. In addition, she provided consulting for a variety of companies and served as a freelance journalist for Rolling Stone, LA Times, LA Weekly and others.

An in demand keynote speaker in the tech and entertainment industry (Music Biz conference, Billboard Latin Music Conference, EDM Biz and many more), Simonian has also been on high profile panels at SXSW alongside artists such as Kendrick Lamar and NYT columnist and Nobel Laureate Paul Krugman. Simonian was named the Leading Woman in Social Engagement by Billboard Magazine, in their 2013 Women In Music edition. She was also named one of Billboard’s Twitter 140, the top 140 people to follow on the platform. She has won an MTV Online Music Award and her work has been featured in Forbes, Fast Company, Billboard, Bloomberg News, Recode, MTV and more.