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Rodrigo Andreiuk


"Born in Campinas - SP, Brazil, Rodrigo fell in love with music at the age of seven, discovering the Electone organ and the acoustic nylon guitar. He took interest in keyboard and drums when he was fourteen years old and it was then that he started to love performing his talents for audiences, and started to play in local bands. At sixteen, Rodrigo started bonding with the acoustic piano and commenced his studies in classical and popular piano at the Carlos Gomes Conservatoire to dive into the depths of his instrument.

At the age of nineteen, his journey of composition and classical piano started at the State University of Campinas (UNICAMP). Being multi-talented, Rodrigo played in several bands as pianist, keyboardist and drummer, having participating in a discography of a few more than ten CDs, while simultaneously expanding his professional career as composer, arranger and working as a musical producer and director.

As to mention a couple distinct works, in 2009 Rodrigo proudly released his first DVD Solo work featuring his compositions and arrangements of other Brazilian artists such as Egberto Gismonti and Luis Gonzaga, and his first Soundtrack design production has been on Movie Theaters at the year of 2016. 

As an international musician, he has conveyed his Brazilian energy to audiences in Spain, Germany, Hungary, Austria and Vienna. Currently living in Spain and working on his Master of Music in Contemporary Performance degree at Berklee, Rodrigo is also composing a Symphonic Fantasy which is to be recorded with his Trio and the Budapest Symphonic Orchestra in June 2017 and aspiring to touring all over the world."