Event Partners and Collaborators

TEDxBerkleeValencia is a project run by faculty, staff, and graduate students at Berklee College of Music in Valencia, Spain. Our modest event budget covers some of the costs, however, we depend greatly on the support and help of our generous partners to run a successful event. 

Current and Previous Partners

Speaker Coaching Partner

Jodie Rogers, Empowerment Coach

Jodie’s background is in Psychology and interpersonal communications. She’s spent the past 14yrs working as a qualitative research studying human behavior, psychology and communications. She’s guided global marketing companies on how to understand consumer behavior and apply it to business. In other words, how to understand you. Read Jodie's full profile or visit her website

Why Partner with TEDxBerkleeValencia?

TEDx events give your brand a unique opportunity to join a global community of thinkers, creators, and innovators. TEDxBerkleeValencia is an event attended by a diverse crowd including local Valencians, international university students, and expats, in addition to a much larger digital audience.

We seek the support and collaboration of businesses to act as partners in one of two ways: in-kind goods & services or financial contributions. In creating an environment focusing on community and the spread of ideas, TEDxBerkleeValencia can flourish alongside its partners and create a mutually beneficial relationship.

In the short term, TEDxBerkleeValencia is seeking to cover its immediate event expenses through partner contributions.

In the long term, however, a relationship will ultimately foster a partnership to continue into the future. 

What We Are Looking For

Below are the items that we need the most by our partners, although if you have something unique to offer, either financially or in-kind, get in contact with us.

  • Food/Snacks
  • Beverages
  • Printing
  • Photography
  • Videography
  • Gifts for attendees and presenters
  • Lunch Provider
  • Break Sponsor
  • Staff T-Shirt Provider
  • Speaker Dinner Provider 
  • Monetary donations

The Audience

The TEDxBerkleeValencia audience is quite impressive. Just as varied as the program itself, our viewers come from all walks of life to share in a unique experience. Over the years, our audience has included award-winning photographers, designers, C-level executives, composers, producers and even other TEDx Organizers. Working with the best contemporary music college in the world also provides us the opportunity to connect to some of the most talented young minds that come from every continent. 

High Demand Video Content

Our partners have the chance to appear before a live audience (both in-person and live stream), and also to appear on the post-event videos that have gained strong viewership over the years.

Most Popular Videos and Video View Growth