Nicolas Altobelli

Planetary Scientist

Dr. Nicolas Altobelli obtained his master degree from the French ‘Grande Ecole’ Supelec and his doctoral degree in Physics/Astrophysics from theUniversity of Heidelberg (Germany) in 2004. His specialization field is planetology, performing research in the field of ‘small bodies in the Solar System’, in particular cosmic dust and  planetary rings. During 2.5 years of postdoctoral position at the Jet Propulsion Laboratory (NASA-CALTECH), Nicolas worked on the analysis and modelling of the thermal properties of Saturn’s main ring system. He joined ESA in 2007, working on the preparation of the science operations of the ESA Mars Express spacecraft for 3 years. He later joined the Rosetta Project in quality of Liaison Scientist and Project Science Liaison.

In addition, Nicolas is the ESA Project Scientist for Cassini since 2011 and is co-investigator of the Cassini-Cosmic Dust Analyser instrument and team member of the CIRS infra-red spectrometer, and Co-I on the Rosetta Cosima instrument. He has been working on Juice as Science Operation Study Lead for the last 4 years, and is since January Deputy PS on Juice and Acting Science ground segment development manager.