Liz Teutsch

Assistant Director

Hailing from the Midwestern United States, Liz Teutsch grew up in a home saturated with music, from her parents’ Beatles records to her multi-instrumentalist grandmother’s square-dance fiddling.  This early exposure led her through studies in violin, piano, cello, percussion, drum set, bass and guitar, and eventually led her to Berklee College of Music’s Boston campus where she majored in Music Production and Engineering.  Her studies in Boston led to a plethora of collaborative, creative ventures in music production, sound for visual media, and of course, teaching.

“In addition to music, teaching and education have always been passions of mine.  I remember the first class I taught.  It was a one-day pre-calculus class that I taught while I was still in high school.  I felt that I had the ability to make complex concepts accessible, even to a classroom full of a very diverse group of students.  That class was a success, and I’ve been teaching ever since.”

Liz is the Assistant Director of Academic Technology and Associate Professor of the Master’s program in Music Technology and Innovation, Berklee College of Music, Valencia campus.

Liz feels extremely fortunate that she is able to fuse two of her passions – music and education – at Berklee’s Valencia campus, where she has worked and taught since 2013. In the classroom, Teutsch works to make music technology accessible to all, recognizing that these tools can also lead to unexpected creative breakthroughs. “There are some facets of technology that all students – soon to be professionals – must understand. However, these technology tools can also be used creatively, and it is our students’ explorations and experimentations with them that will continue to propel the music industry forward for many years to come.” Liz is a graduate of Dartmouth College and Berklee College of Music, an avid yogini, and a fan of TED.