kyle tesalona

Kyle Tesalona


Kyle Tesalona hails from Port St. Lucie, Florida, where his passion for music started at the age of nine with self-motivated violin lessons; this became his gateway into the musical realm as he still continues to play today. During his college years at Florida State University, he began to also dabble with piano and jazz harmonies, which are still heavily relevant in his music. It was also at this time that he started experimenting with electronic music production, engineering and sound manipulation. In 2012, Kyle started producing with Ethnikids, where he has worked with Dim Mak artist Will Brennan and singer songwriter R.LUM.R. His influences include Porter Robinson, Flume, Lido, Cashmere Cat, and Bonobo.

Kyle is currently a Master’s student at Berklee College of Music’s campus in Valencia, Spain where he studies Music Production, Technology, and Innovation. Outside of music, Kyle is an avid runner, and is obsessed with great food and The Office.

Kyle wrote the 2016 TEDxBerkleeValencia theme song in which he expresses this year’s theme of ‘connecting the dots’ though piano and the continual build up of electronic notes and layers. This piece was heavily influenced by Hand Covered Bruises, the theme song from The Social Network. Kyle chose an acoustic piano in order to merge and intertwine the two worlds of traditional and electronic instrumentation.