KTunes & Schipper


kTunes (Kareem Clarke) & Nicolas Schipper met at Berklee College of Music in Valencia, Spain. Upon realizing that they had different but unique musical tastes they decided to begin a project and applied as performers to the 2nd Annual TedxBerkleeValencia event. kTunes and Schipperseek to “Change Currents” by combining the unique sound of the bagpipes with electronic rhythms and turntablism. The performance is accompanied by visuals created by Nick Berstein (Music Technology program).

Nicolas Schipper (Music Business program) grew up in Ecuador, has German and Chilean roots, and has played the Bagpipes for 8 years.

Kareem Clarke (Music Technology program) hails from Brooklyn New York and has been a DJ for 7 years and a producer for 3 years.