João Bruno Soeiro

Music Composer

Joao Soeiro is a music composer based in Lisbon, Portugal. Born in 1983, he began to study music at the age of 19 at the Academia de Amadores de Musica (AAM) and later at the Universidade Nova de Lisboa.

Over the course of his studies, Soeiro dedicated his time exclusively to piano, adapting his skills to Chamber Music while also receiving schooling in Musical Analysis and Composition techniques. In 2005, Soeiro began attending diverse master classes with some of the most renowned piano instructors in the world, including Elisso Virsalade, Vitaly Margulis, and Sequeira Costa. Following these courses, he went on to receive a Bachelor’s degree in Piano Performance at the prestigious Gnessin Academy of Music in Moscow, Russia where he performed several solo recitals and began to write music for cinema and visual media.