Jodie Rogers

Empowerment Coach

Jodie’s background is in Psychology and interpersonal communications. She’s spent the past 14yrs working as a qualitative research studying human behaviour, psychology and communications. She’s guided global marketing companies on how to understand consumer behaviour and apply it to business. In other words, how to understand you.

What makes you tick, how you make decisions, what motivates you and holds you back. It’s Jodie’s business to understand people. This understanding has taken her around the world. She’s been privileged to conduct research in 39 different countries, personally travel to 52 and live in 4. It was a one way ticket to Mexico and 7 months traveling overland back to Brazil (where she was living at the time) that give her the epiphany she had been waiting for. She no longer wanted to make big companies richer, she wanted to educate, motivate and inspire every day people to live the life they want to lead. She passionately believes that if people knew even a little bit about the basics of how the mind works it would empower them to take big strides forward in life. After training as an NLP practitioner and an Empowerment Coach she is now on a mission to apply her collective skills to help individuals be more effective in their daily lives. As such, she regularly gives talks on the subject around the world. Most recently in London, Sao Paulo, Barcelona and Jasper, Canada where she now lives.