Hugh Macdonald

Singer Songwriter

My name is Hugh Macdonald and I’m a 19 year old singer/songwriter, constantly on the move. I was raised in South Africa, the UK and France and currently reside in Boston where I study songwriting, production and business at Berklee College of Music. From the age of five, when I ran off stage after playing a shaky rendition of Yellow Submarine on guitar and voice, I have always loved performing. I went through the pop punk phase, as many of us do, and played all over France with my band at the time. I now focus on my solo music which can only be described as introspective folk. I take inspiration from artist like Ben Howard and Leonard Cohen but also from philosophy which I have always found myself drawn to. I also write for and play in a duo in Boston called Think of England. I released my first two albums at age 13, self-produced on an iPad, but recently released my first studio quality EP which I took on tour across the West Coast over the summer of 2016. I’m currently in the process of mixing my full album to be released mid 2017 before I play some festivals I have lined up that summer in Europe. My music has been featured on several of the most popular podcasts, blogs, publications and local radio stations across the US and Europe.