Ganavya Doraiswamy


Ganavya Doraiswamy was born in New York City and raised in South India. There she learned to play the Veena, Harmonium, to sing Carnatic music and Abhangs while also becoming classically trained in Bharathanatyam and Kalakshetra dancing styles. In addition to these artistic disciplines, she mastered the craft of the Jalatharangam, an ancient and dying instrument once played by her grandmother.

Doraiswamy returned to the United States and earned a Bachelor’s in Psychology, where she briefly worked at the Everglades Correctional Institution as a student counselor for the Corrections Transitions Program in Miami, Florida. Although her initial objective was to help inmates in coping with life outside of prison, one particular exercise; encouraging them to write poetry, became her primary focus. It eventually led to the publication of a work titled “Entrapped Words”, featuring illustrations and writings by the men she assisted.Having worked for non-profit organizations; No More Tears (founded by former Bollywood actress Somy Ali) and Vittal Academy, Doraiswamy raised money through performances and brought medical teams and supplies to her ancestral village in India under the banner of “Project Nemili,” an endeavor for which she won the Silver Knight Award presented by The Miami Herald.Most recently, she has written a suite in experimental music that corresponds with the stages of sleep, using the South Indian mode of Neelambari that is believed to induce drowsiness. As a Post-Graduate fellow, Doraiswamy has published a text titled Fundamentals of Indian Music through Berklee College of music and is currently teaching a certification course.