Erick Crockenburg And Tad Cooke


Erick Crockenburg and Tad Cooke are recent graduates of the University of Vermont (UVM), business partners, and life-long friends. Together, they have worked towards developing and promoting sustainable agriculture and have earned numerous grants and awards for their research and work in community development.

Co-directors of New Moran, a fledgling non-profit redevelopment corporation, their story stems from the community redevelopment of an abandoned coal plant in the small US city of Burlington, Vermont. As seniors in college, both Cooke and Crockenburg generated, and passed, a large-scale proposal calling for the creation of a green and sustainable multipurpose art, food and events space within a derelict building located on the iconic Burlington, Vermont waterfront. Crockenburg and Cooke are currently project leaders of the UVM Clean Energy Fund while assuming roles as project managers for the New Moran under their recently founded Room 9 Redevelopment Company.