Damian Draghici


Damian Drăghici is a politician and militant for Roma rights and social inclusion and a former international artist. He is the first Roma Romanian Member of the European Parliament (MEP). He holds several degrees in arts, philosophy and public administration. During the years, Drăghici led numerous non-governmental projects to promote Roma inclusion and fight discrimination.

In 2006 Drăghici returned to his homeland and started the cultural project known as "Damian and Brothers", in order to raise awareness about Roma discrimination and change the perception and stereotypes which makes this minority very vulnerable. Drăghici was assigned as an Ambassador for the European Year of Equal Opportunities (2007), the European Year of the Intercultural Dialogue (2008) and for the European Year of Volunteering (2011) initiated by European Commission. Within the philanthropic activities developed, Drăghici fought for Roma integration through H.H.E.E., as he likes to call it, the revolving circle – health, housing, education, employment.