Carmen Pellicer Iborra

Spanish Theologian

Theologian, Educationalist and Writer, Carmen Pellicer is the president and founder of ‘Fundación Trilema’, dedicated to holistic Educational Change Management. Carmen has worked as a teacher at different secondary schools, as well as a Professor for several years in Teacher Training Colleges and at the Faculty of Business Studies at Valencia University. Currently, she is involved as a lecturer in different master’s degrees in School Direction and Management. She directs a team of professional trainers that run Professional Development Programs in more than a thousand educational institutions as well as Educational Coaching and Performance assessment models with teachers and management teams, both nationally and internationally. She leads, alongside José Antonio Marina, the CEIDE (Educational Development Studies and Research Centre) and the Chair of Intelligence of Nebrija University in Madrid.

She has also written books such as 'Evaluación del Aprendizaje, Cómo evaluar Competencias' and 'Aprender a Emprender', as well as many articles, teaching materials and school textbooks in the main educational publishing companies. She is the head of the project 'How to train the Entrepreneur Talent' of 'Fundación Príncipe de Girona' and she is the Principal at the School Trilema- Santa Ana in La Pobla Llarga, Valencia.