An Interview With David Mash

Michelle Golden

TEDxBerkleeValencia Marketing Coordinator, Michelle Golden, Got The Chance To Speak With David Mash, Senior Vice President For Innovation, Strategy And Technology At Berklee College Of Music. David Is An Experienced Musician, Educator, Technologist, And College Administrator For Over 30 Years. Author Of Nine Books, David Has Also Scored Award-Winning Films, And Appeared On Programs Such As Newton’s Apple, CBS Evening News, 3-2-1 Contact, And National Public Radio’s All Things Considered. He Was Also Very Involved With TED From The Early Days – Having Spoken And Composed Music For The Conference. Check Out The Interview Below To Learn More About David!

What Does “Changing Currents” Mean To You?

DAVID MASH: To me current indicates a kind of flow— a back and forth. The cycles and the changes in currents are moving the world forward in a rapid pace and bring new energy to change, what we see with life, technology, entertainment and design. The fact that TEDx is here in Berklee Valencia is just a fabulous idea, and an experience for Spain, for Europe, and for all students and faculty here at Berklee.


How Do You See The Theme Of This Year’s Edition Of TEDxBerkleeValencia Applying To The Vision Of Berklee’s Growth?

MASH: I think Berklee is at a unique point in history where we are looking forward to the next ten years with creating a vision for Berklee in 2025. We see so much change coming in the next few years — hopefully we will see the merging of energies between Berklee in Boston and Berklee in Valencia, all of our Berklee International network partners, and more. All of this change will be coming together to impact the world in a very positive way – with music affecting people all over.


How Has TED Shifted Over The Course Of The Past Few Years? You Took Part In The Organization From The Beginning. How Has It Changed? 

MASHIn the beginning, TED was about technology, entertainment, design, and all of the speakers were focused on how all of those elements were changing and coming together to impact our world. As time went on, technology had a much greater impact on many other things other than design. Design, entertainment and technology began to shape our world in new ways. I think the whole idea of the evolution of TED into ideas worth sharing, transforming into greater global thinking, is a really exciting thing.


What’s Your Favorite TED Talk?

MASHI think my favorite TED Talk is Ken Robinson talking about the future of education. It’s an important talk, though several years old, but still very relevant for today’s times.