Belén Maya García

Flamenco Dancer

Belén Maya García, daughter of two great flamenco artists, Carmen Mora and Mario Maya – began her dance studies in Madrid. Trained since a young age by the best – Paco Fernández, María Magdalena, Goyo Montero, Rosa Naranjo, Carmen Cortés and Paco Romero among others – she continued her studies in Seville with Anunciación Rueda “La Tona” and started performing at several prestigious flamenco shows, such as Café de Chinitas and Corral de la Pacheca in Madrid, or Los Gallos in Seville.

After spending a year at the Spanish National Ballet, she joined the Mario Maya Company where within three years she went from being a member of the ensemble to becoming the principal dancer and répétiteur of the company. She was invited by renowned Spanish film director Carlos Saura to represent the new generation of flamenco in his world-renowned film Flamenco. Belen’s performance in this film would become a milestone in flamenco dance as interpreted by women, opening new avenues in terms of concept, musicality, movement, and costuming. Transparent and in balance with tradition, Belén has perfected her technique and expression to become the best female flamenco dancer. Free, creative, daring, restless and open-minded: Belén still symbolizes progress in flamenco dance. The constant quest for renovation and new challenges drives her from one extreme to another, from the neo-classical entente with Mayte Martín to the contemporary alliance with Rafaela Carrasco.