Amy Israels and Friends


Sergio Martínez, Madrid, is a Multi-percussionist specialized in Flamenco music. Versatile as a multi-instrumentalist and singer-songwriter, 22-year-old Olivia Dawn Mok combines her refined classical technique with her knowledge of contemporary and world music to create dark, cinematic and uplifting music. George Karpasitis was born in 1987 on the island of Cyprus.  In 2010 he went to London Centre of Contemporary Music to study with Blake Wilner, Roland Perrin, Dave O’Higgins and Mark Armstrong amongst others. Amy Israels is a Los Angeles based singer-songwriter, free spirit, creative artist, and explorer of many cultures.  Inspired by the unknown and love for the divine. The song “Sage” written by George Karpasitis and Amy Israels is a blending of styles in Americana songwriting and Mediterranean folk, inspired by Sergio’s Flamenco rhythms workshop at Berklee Valencia.